2018 House Goals

2017 was an extremely productive year when it came to renovating the house. We painted almost every room upstairs, refinished the hardwood floors, installed entry way tile, put up new light fixtures, updated outlets and switches and installed new baseboards and bedroom doors. Lately all projects have come to a halt… I’ll blame winter for this (who wants to be productive when it gets dark at 4pm?). But the show must go on… here are the projects we want to tackle this year:

1. Corner of the Living Room

We have a very weird L shaped living room. Our dining and living room are connected, which is fine, but we’re left with a very empty corner. It looks even sadder now that our Christmas tree is gone. The plan for this corner is to add floating shelves. I may or may not do them all the same length, but we’ll see!

2. Home Office

When we moved in we wanted to get everything done quickly, so we ended up painting the office the same colour as the guest bedroom. Not much thought went into it. It’s turned into *that* room. You know, the room where stuff goes to die. So far the game plan for the office is a new coat of paint. Something more moody- possibly a dark green. Our favourite room in the house is our bedroom which is painted Hale Navy, so we’d love our office to have a similar vibe. We’d also love to find a walnut desk that fits two workstations. Major inspiration for our office is this Moody Mid Century Home office by Emily Henderson.


3. Main Bathroom

We’ve yet to do anything to our main bathroom. It’s extremely long and narrow and desperately needs a face lift.

Our vanity isn’t the worst thing, however it’s just a veneer over plywood so I wouldn’t be able to refinish it. I’m thinking of finding a mid century dresser and turning into into a vanity with a vessel sink. Here are a few inspiration pictures I have for the bathroom at the moment…


via // sarah sherman samuel 

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 5.57.45 PM

via // brepurposed

4. Paint Exterior & Landscape

One of our favourite parts of our house is our porch. We spent almost every evening in the summer sitting on it, enjoying the beautiful weather. So far, we’ve updated the porch lights but haven’t done much else to the exterior. I’m thinking of painting the brick a darker colour and going a lighter colour on the house. We also desperately need to landscape our yard. We have a gigantic corner lot so there’s a lot to work with. There were zero flowers when we moved in, we basically have the ugliest yard on the block. But stay tuned, landscaping is TOP on my list. I’d love for our neighbours not to hate us.

house2 copy

Of course there are endless projects in the house that we have to tackle. The kitchen, basement and powder room just to name a few, but I think this is a good start for 2018. What projects do you have on the agenda this year?

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